WrestleMania 33: Kevin Owens won the US Championship for the first time by defeating Chris Jericho

[gallery ids="70281,70282,70283,70284"] When two wrestlers in a forum like WWE have been a great friend for 1 year, but after this there is a conflict between them, then the matter is different. Then when the fights of these old friends are in a big stage like WrestleMania, then what to say about this Yes, we are talking about the match between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. The second match in the main card took place between the Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho for the US Championships. In this match Kevin O'Bus won his first US Championship title for the first time. Well there was a time when the two of these were the most famous in WWE. But over time all changed, and friendship turned into hostility. Kevin Owens beat Jericho by launching hostility. After this, Jericho defeated Kevin Owens in the match against Goldberg. Just what was it, for both WrestleMania, the two had challenged each other. Just a few weeks ago, there was a friendship between them. Today, in his eyes, there was a dangerous animosity for each other. Alam was that when he came in the ring, both of them started punching each other. In this whole match though both showed strength on each other. It seemed as if both of them vowed not to give up. Kevin Owens killed Powerbomb Jericho several times but did not have the effect. On the other hand, Jericho also tried the Wall of Jericho at many Mar Kevin. In the end Kevin Owens hit Jericho on Apren and made the match his name.
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