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The Celebration Of 25th Jurassic Park Anniversary Begins In A Special Style 2018/07/19

Who can forget the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park which ruled the heart of every cinema lover in the early 90's? Well, the historic movie marked its 25th anniversary a month ago and dinophiles of the city London gave it the most appropriate tribute.?? As a homage to the brilliant character of Dr. Malcolm, a 25-foot tall statue of Jeff Goldblum has been erected in which the actor is flaunting his usual open-shirted pose. The statue is scary enough to bring back the memories of the scene played by Goldblum in the movie.

Goldblum played this role in the year 1993 under the direction of Steven Spielberg. One of the biggest movies in the history, Jurassic Park was introduced some 25 years back and this statue is a tribute to the legendary character of Ian Malcolm. This certainly comes as a good news for all the Jurassic Park fans who can't get over the bold character of Ian Malcolm.

The statue weighs 150.2 Kg and is present in the Potters Field Park. The park is situated on the bank of Thames river adjacent to the Tower Bridge. The statue is scheduled to be here till 26 July. The 65 years old Goldblum couldn't contain his excitement and hence, he expressed his happiness on the Instagram. The actor praised the artwork and said that it certainly deserves 10/10 Goldblums. Recently, in an interview, the actor revived the scene and revealed that it was not at all scripted. The iconic movie Jurassic Park hit the theatres in the year 1993 and emerged as the highest-earning film in the entire world at that time. Laura Dern, Sam Neil, and Richard Attenborough were the other lead characters of the film.