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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Welcome A New Member To Their Family

The Thursday morning came with a bundle of joy for the duo Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo as they welcomed their first child. The couple which got blessed with a baby girl who is named Felicity Nicole Vuolo took to Twitter to share this news with their loved ones and fans. The duo also shared this auspicious news on their website named Counting On along with the photo of their adorable baby girl. The baby was resting in the arms of Jinger and Jeremy in a pink-colored dress.

The couple seemed to be overjoyed with happiness and even shared the details of their baby's weight and birth time. On their family site, they issued a statement expressing their gratitude to God and confirming the good health of the mother as well as the baby. After the announcement of the news, their fans got overwhelmed and congratulated them for a new phase of their life.

The couple disclosed in the January month this year that they are expecting a new member in their family post their marriage in 2016. This phase has been the most memorable phase for Jeremy and Jinger. In an interview, the couple got emotional about the entire thing and said that they have been looking forward to relishing the joy of marriage and that they never understood the beauty of this relation until the news of their baby. The couple also revealed the sex of their baby in the April month through an obstacle course which divides the family into pink and blue teams. Each member took a bite of ice cream before starting their run and the captain of the winning team got to flip the switch which revealed that it is a baby girl.