'P Se Pyaar F Se Faraar' Motion Poster, Film Directed By Manoj Tiwari

'Hindustaan main ab prem bhi ek kaand hai, kyon ki jaat ek khula saand hai', the motion poster of the film 'Pa Se Pyar, Ph Se Farrar' begins with this strong dialogue. The film starring Jimmy Shergill, Sanjay Mishra, Kumud Mishra, Girish Kulkarni is directed by Manoj Tiwari. Honor killing also made an issue in the film which will be released on 18 October 2019.

Regarding the film, director Manoj Tiwari said- "Some time ago I was surprised to see a newspaper report. According to the report, every year honor killing is increasing by 796 percent, which is a violation of Article 19 directly. According to this article, every citizen of the country has the right to freedom. Which also gives the right to freedom of thought. But our country is tied in caste. Where there is no place for those who love and love". The issue of caste discrimination is shown in the film.