American Music Awards / Rapper Raja Kumari becomes the first Indian to host the show, to be held in Los Angeles

Singer Raja Kumari has become the first Indian singer to host the red carpet of the American Music Awards-2019 live show. Raja Kumari has also shared this information related to this award show to be held on November 24 on her Instagram. Raja has said about this achievement - I have seen the American Music Awards Night is very exciting because of the growth in America. I used to wait to see the stars and their performances throughout the year. It always inspired me to fulfill my dreams.
Today I have become the first Indian-American to host a pre-show of the event. It could not be more proud. It is a great honor to represent our community in this wonderful event. In addition to King, Ceremony will also be hosted by Sophia Carson, AJ Gibson, James Vaughan, Lauren and Nick Viol. The ceremony, to be produced by Dick Clarke, will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Talking about Indian American singer-rapper Raja Kumari, her real name is Shwetha Yelpragada Rao. Raja was born in Claremont California. In Bollywood, Raja Kumari is known for singing Jugni, Allah Duhai Hai, Hussan Parcham and Vakhara Swag.