The Zany First Trailer of DC’s Shazam! Yell the magic word to become a Superhero 2018/07/22

Photo from YouTube

See, any reason to watch uber hunk Zachary Levi is a decent one in my storybook. For a slew of years, he enchanted the socks off geeks and movie buffs with NBC’s Chuck, notwithstanding, it’s incredible brush aside, now he sets his heart on doing the same (adding up some much-needed magic hit) to DC’s cinematic brilliance apparently with the off-mark, Shazam!.

Warner Bros. today, rolled out the first trailer of Shazam! At San Diego’s Comic-Con, by and large, a happy-go-lucky entry to the DC Cinematic Universe. The franchise, seemingly in a desperate move tries to swear off the dark and brooding charged-up forbearance of Zack Snyder’s creative power with more of the uncontrollably exuberant and enthusiastic rhythm we saw in Patty JenkinsWonder Woman.

Shazam! It seems would be a hurry-up refresher for the DC Extended Universe. The trailer is packed with a feast of chucklesome off-kilter moments, which is a gladly received swerve from DC’s habitually downbeat, stony-faced movies.

The film takes after a youthful Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who’s bestowed with supernatural powers by a wizard, in other words, the prowess to transform into a grown-up superhero, when he utters the word “Shazam!” loud and clear, a point where Levi enters into the picture.

The young lad, alongside his half-brother (Jack Dylan Grazer), goes ahead fathoming out what swashbuckling powers he owns – from cracking vigour to knee-jerk glides to bullet resilience to charging up phones with a trifling zap.

Fun is great. Fun is of the essence. So, hopefully, the fun keeps on lifting the chaos that DC cooked up for themselves on the silver screen this past couple of years. See with your own eyes, but most likely it shows signs of headway in a direction on the mark.

Directed by David F. Sandberg, the flick starring Zachary Levi is way into the theatres in April 2019.