Pierce Brosnan now wants to see Lady James Bond

Irish actor Brosnan says, it is time to introduce the woman as James Bond. Regarding the possibility of woman James Bond, Pierce said, "Yes, it should be.?? According to 'hollywoodreporter' Brosnan, who played the role of famous detective James Bond in total 4 films said, "I believe we have seen men playing this character from the last 40 years, now we should bring women in to it. It will be exciting and exciting." There are reports that Lashana Lynch may be the next James Bond in 'No Time to Die' in place of Daniel Craig. Brosnan doubted this, saying that current producer Barbara Brockley might not do this. He said that I do not think this will happen in a film made under him. Brosnan described working in the James Bond franchise as the highlight of his career.
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