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Lucy In The Sky Trailer: Natalie Portman to play Astronaut

The trailer of the Hollywood actress Natalie Portman’s upcoming film ‘Lucy in the Sky’, has been released. In this film, Natalie will be seen in the role of Lucy, an astronaut. 

The film describes the mental impact that astronauts have to face on space accidents and the difficult conditions there. After watching this trailer, you will definitely want to know more about the film.

The film also shows how Lucy is unable to focus on her work by coming back from space and wants to return to space once again. After this, Lucy prepares to go on another mission so that she can prove herself as an astronaut.

In addition to Natalie, the film will feature actors such as John Hamm, Dan Stevens, Jazzy Beats, Colman Domingo and Nick Offerman. The film i directed by Noah Holly and is his first film. The film will be released on 4 October.