Grammy Awards Hollywood

List of nomination released, American pop singer Lizzo is the highest nominee in 8 categories

The list of nominations has been released in all categories of the 62nd Grammy Awards. Grammy, known as the world’s biggest music award, is scheduled to take place on its last Sunday of January 2020 instead of the second Sunday of February at its scheduled time. Ceremonies will begin on January 27 at 6:30 pm Indian time. The show will be hosted by Alicia Keys.

Nomination list of 84 categories released: Grammy Awards Night will be held in Los Angeles on January 26, 2020 next year. The nominations for the awards were in the categories of recordings, compositions and singers released between 1 October 2018 and August 2019. The list of Final Nomination in 84 categories has been released on 20 November.

The names of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Sean Mendes, Camila Cabello, Beyoncé, Billy Elish, Ed Sheeran and the Jonas Brothers for the Grammy Awards 2020 are also included. Apart from these, Lizzo has been nominated in 8 categories, Billy Elish and Lil Ness X in 6 categories, Ariana Grande and HER in 5 categories, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga in three categories.

Date changed due to Oscar: After many years, the Grammy Awards are being distributed in January instead of February. This is happening because of the Oscar Awards. Because this time the Oscar Awards are going to be on the second Sunday of February. Which will be distributed from 5 am on 10 February 2020 according to Indian time.

This time there have been many changes: Many changes have been made in the categories for the 62nd Grammy Awards. In which some new categories have been added and some have been extended.

American rock band Aerosmith will be awarded the Musée Cares Person of the Year two days before the awards are telecast.

Spanish Language Latin Gospel and Christian Music are included as Best Gospel Album, Best Contemporary Christian Music Album, Best Root Gospel Album, Best Gospel Performance / Song and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance / Song Categories.

The Recording Academy has also accepted links to streaming services with physical copies as submissions, while compact discs have also been accepted.

A separate screening committee was formed for pop and rock. Earlier they were selected through the core committee. The core committee will now be able to focus on decision making in categories such as Best New Artist.

The Best Children’s Album category has been changed to the Best Spoken Word Album category