Frozen 2 Hollywood Jennifer Lee

Frozen 2, bringing all the magic of fairy tales, EXCLUSIVE meet from producer Jennifer Lee

Disney’s film Frozen 2, is considered to be a marvel of the animation world, never seen before on the big screen. The film is about a princess who has amazing magical powers to make the wind snow. She is passionate, courageous and imaginative, adding a bit of magic to such a character, Disney has created a unique winter gift for children and their parents.

Like Frozen, which had created a world record in animation films six years earlier, Frozen 2 also takes on the characters of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale The Snow Queen, published in 1845, and brings the legendary fairy tales to life on screen. is.

Frozen 2 director Chris Buck and producers Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Veko have given a new look and new atmosphere to the characters of the first film, ie both princess sisters, a brave climber and a cute snowman while weaving the story of Frozen 2. . In an exclusive conversation with Amar Ujala, Jennifer Lee says, “While we were trying to weave the story of Frozen 2, we realized that we had many questions about this story.” For example, if Ana finds everything that she wants, what will she do or what will be the remaining questions in the first film about her parents and where was she going when her ship sank? And, the biggest question is why Elsa was born with magical powers? In Frozen 2, we have tried to find the answers to these questions. ”

The film’s director Chris Buck says, “We have given an open sky to the characters of the story in Frozen 2. In the previous film, he was trying to know who they are. This time, they are like that someone has completed college. They are trying to understand the purpose of their lives and this time we have tried to tell what is their objective? ”Lee adds to the conversation,“ If the story of Frozen at that point At the end where we could say that and then he would live happily, then the story of Frozen 2 is what happened next to this pleasure? This film is like a googly in which life really comes out in the form that we call Jina. There is also laughter and fun in the film, but in this the real purpose of living these characters comes out and this twist is very emotional too. ”

The different joy of watching the film Frozen 2 on screen is this time also with this story being in the backdrop of pre winter season. While the entire focus in animation films has been on creating characters, Disney has now started working very hard on the environment around these characters. The atmosphere of Frozen 2’s story is very thrilling. Watching the autumn forests and their colors on the big screen makes one feel as if the viewer himself has reached these forests.