Emily Atack: Famous Hollywood actress has tried to commit suicide at the age of 15

British actress Emily Atack (29) has revealed that she tried to commit suicide at the age of 15. According to DailyMail, in an interview to the newspaper 'The Sunday People', the actress revealed that she had tried to commit suicide after separation from her ex-boyfriend, who called her 'Psycho'. She said, "I tried hard to get him back in my life. I drank a bottle of vodka. Wrote on my wrist. I cried a lot to get help and focus. I was young at the time to recover from the pain of heartbreak." Emily said, the doctors rescued her but had to hide bandage from her family, especially mother Kate Robbins. Actress also said that after breaking up in teenage years, she started bunking school and hanging out with older students and used to party at home when parents were not at home.