Akshay Kumar shared back to back posters of Housefull 4, will this be Bollywood’s most expensive comedy film?

‘Housefull’ series has been the most favorite franchise of the audience. All its parts were well received by the audience and everyone was a big success at the box office.

In a recent media report, it has been told that ‘Housefull 4’ will be the biggest budget comedy film of Bollywood. According to one source, the film’s starcast is quite large. Both have been paid after the film’s director changed. Let me tell you, Sajid Khan was previously directing the film but now it is being made by Farhad Samji.

Not only this, Nana Patekar was also paid if he was replaced by the film. The source further revealed that this comedy film is based on rebirth. Two cinematographers are working for the film, which will capture the 16th as well as the 21st century.

Apart from this, 7 music composers are working for the film’s songs and it is being shot at many locations. The film has also been reshooted, due to which it is becoming the most expensive comedy film ever.

Posters of the film ‘Housefull 4’ have been covered on social media. Posters have increased the public’s eagerness. Akshay Kumar shared these posters and tell about the characters. He has also been revealed the names of the his characters of 1419 and 2019.

Rajkumar Bala and Harry:

Akshay wrote on Instagram,”Miliye 1419 ke Rajkumar Bala aur 2019 ke London return Harry se! Witness how they embark upon this journey of ultimate chaos, confusion and madness in the #Housefull4 Trailer. Out on 27th September.”

Dharamputra and Max:

Akshay wrote on Instagram,”Miliye bahaduri aur sahas ki misaal, Dharamputra ⚔ se! Aur dekhiye kaise Dharam banta hai Max in this journey back in time⏳ with #Housefull4.”

Bangdu and Roy:

He wrote,”Dekhiye ek kahani jo shuru hui thi 1419 mein, magar khatam hogi in 2019. Meet Bangdu and Roy who’re all set to take you on the crazy, chaotic ride of #Housefull4.”

Sitamgarh ki Rajkumari Madhu and Kriti:

“Miliye Sitamgarh ki Rajkumari Madhu 👸🏻 aur London ki Kriti se. Ek ne kahani shuru ki aur doosri usse khatam karegi. Jaaniye kaise in the #Housefull4”

Rajkumari Mala aur Pooja:

“Rajkumari Mala aur Pooja ki yeh anokhi kahani! Jaaniye kaise judi hai inki kismat in this epic reincarnation comedy🤪. #Housefull4”

Meena and Neha:

Neha aur Meena ki 600 saal purani kahani dekhne ke liye taiyyar ho jaaiye! #Housefull4 is here with an epic reincarnation comedy.